I’m Sophie...mum, wife, chocolate lover, tea drinker, stationary addict, The Luna Hive co-founder and sleep coach!

Since having my daughter I truly know the meaning of sleep deprived and the impact it can have on every aspect of your life. When the fog finally lifted (after I worked with a sleep coach!) I couldn’t believe I let it go on for as long as it did!

After having that experience, I am incredibly passionate about supporting mums to get more sleep, feel more confident about their parenting choices and also helping them accept that sometimes sleep will be difficult and providing tools and strategies for helping them calmly navigate it.


My sleep story is below but the quick version is that I have a high energy, sassy 2 years old who craves closeness and slept as and when she wanted (or didn’t want!) irrespective of all the different things I tried. I needed more sleep but I also knew it was normal for her to wake at night and couldn’t bear the idea of leaving her crying, but the ‘gentle’ methods I’d heard of just seemed ineffective

I love to learn and when I decided to become a sleep coach, I sought the most comprehensive course I could find. The Holistic Sleep Coach course is OCN Level 5 (equivalent to degree level). 3 months of training with the best experts in the country, covering sleep strategies but also nutrition, feeding, working with different temperaments, allergies, reflux and a focus on twins and triplet sleep support.

Helping mums re-find their confidence, get the rest they need and start to feel like they can start to think about more than just sleep lights me up. I love it. Which means my focus will be on you, how the sleep plan works for you and what you need, as well as what your little one needs. It’s a powerful combination and one that has incredible results.

Interested in my ‘sleep story’?

When I saw friends and family they would always ask ‘how is she sleeping now?’, hopeful looks on their face like I might have finally ‘cracked’ it… but no, I definitely had not cracked it. Sometimes it upset me and made me feel like I was missing something everyone just got. Other times I got frustrated, why didn’t anyone talk about how happy she was, how it was amazing she was hitting milestones or how flippin hilarious she could be?!

I was exhausted, defensive and fed up, woe betide anyone who tried to offer me advice… I had heard it all - dream feed, reduce feeds, co sleep, don’t co sleep, stop breastfeeding, swaddle, don’t swaddle, a muslin that smelt of me, hot water bottle in the cot before I put her down, let her cry, the latest miracle sleep aid… Ewan the dream sheep, the sleepyhead… the list goes on! On top of this, I had read every sleep book, blog, social media feed and ‘top tips’ out there. I tried something, then I tried something else, then I switched back again… all within a few hours overnight!

I needed a plan. I was desperate for some sleep and just couldn’t think straight. Then one day, something just clicked and I finally accepted I needed help.

So after a recommendation from a friend, we started working with a sleep coach and oh my goodness, I wondered what on earth had taken me so long! The plan that meant at 3am I didn’t have to think about what I was going to try, I just did what we had agreed. Lots of encouragement to keep me going and the best bit? It started to work. The baby that had never slept longer than a few hours, started sleeping longer periods over night, I regained my confidence that I actually am a good mum and eventually, she slept through.

It wasn’t easy and I always say to my clients that they should expect it to get worse before it gets better but when it does get better, wow is it worth it.

My approach is gentle and holistic, but what does that actually mean?