Perfect for you if you:

  • have a child under 2 years old

  • have a sleep question that you just want a clear answer to

  • want to chat to an experienced sleep consultant and mum… someone who really gets it!

  • want an evidence based answer (without jargon and easy to understand!) with practical solutions that will make a difference,

  • are happy to implement it on your own or have me on hand for 1 week so trouble shoot and answer any follow up questions as you implement the advice

30 minute call and email summary: £65

1 week email/text support: £65



What does it include?

Before we speak I’ll ask you to fill in a questionnaire about what is going on with your child’s sleep and what your sleep goals are.

Then we’ll arrange a time to speak.

We’ll have the call and I will send you an email summary of what we discussed and the plan we agree on.

If you choose to have the follow on support you will be able to email or text (or what’s app!) me throughout the week and I will support you to get started implementing the strategy.

What happens if I need more support?

We can tackle one issue on the consultation and if you feel there are lots of areas your baby or child need support with, we can discuss joining a group course or having 121 coaching to get the best results.

What kind of issues can you troubleshoot?

The question can relate to one issue or concern you have, here are some examples I have spoken to parents about recently:

My baby is sleeping fine at night but she hates napping and will only nap on me.

My toddler still sleeps with us and I'‘d like him to start sleeping in his own bed

My 12 month old is waking really early, how can I move is a bit later?

I think my child needs to drop their nap, how to I help them do this?

I’m going on holiday with a big time difference… how to I minimise the impact?

Wondering what my clients say?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sophie over the last 8 weeks and I would really recommend talking to her about your situation. We’ve had real problems with sleep since our son was born almost 11 months ago and I had read every book going and tried what has felt like every method available. Since taking to Sophie I’ve started to feel more confident in myself and my understanding of sleep cues, awake times and what works for my son specifically. No baby is the same and to have something that is completely tailored to you and your baby is invaluable. We made great progress to begin with and it felt amazing! In 10 months I had never had more than 3hrs sleep in a row and a week in we had 5, then 6hrs. Then the reality of teeth or a leap jumped in and things got rocky again but Sophie was there every step of the way. We looked at different approaches to nap refusal, what to do with early waking and a consistent bedtime routine. Sophie has been like having my own personal cheerleader wishing us a better nights sleep. I’ve not felt very confident throughout motherhood so far and I think a lot of that is because of sleep deprivation and constantly second guessing what I’m doing. Sophie is really helping me to believe I am the best person to understand my baby and has offered ideas to help me grow in this area. If you are on the fence about using Sophie, jump off it and speak to her. You won’t regret those extra hours sleep!
— S-J Grosse, awesome mum to an 11 month old little boy