Evidence based sleep coaching to help your whole family get more sleep

Sleep coaching is about supporting you as much as it is helping your baby or toddler. When you are exhausted, have tried everything but nothing is making a difference, your confidence gets knocked and you start to doubt yourself.

I don’t have a one size fits all strategy for your little one or you, it’s about piecing together lots of small sleep building blocks and then working with you to choose a strategy that fits you and you family.

I know the impact of sleep deprivation and I am passionate about supporting you to feel more calm, relaxed and in control, as well as achieving your sleep goals.

Common sleep issues I help with

NAPS stress

Whether it is transitioning your little one to sleeping in a cot rather than on you, creating more of a rhythm so you aren’t constantly thinking about sleep all day (and night!) or helping your little one get a longer nap, I can help you.

Bed dread

It gets to around 4pm and you start to feel the familiar anxiety creep in… your little one is either bouncing off the walls with no intention of going to sleep or grumpy as hell and fighting you at every turn. I can help make bedtime enjoyable (yes, really!)


mum guilt

You feel like it’s your fault. Everyone’s ‘helpful’ advice has made you question the decisions you’ve made. You want support that still enables you to parent the way that feels right to you - whether that is breast feeding, bottle feeding, co sleeping, room sharing or in separate rooms. I can work within your parameters so the solution fits you and your family.



It can feel really lonely being stuck in the house trying to sort naps out, having friends whose babies just seem to effortlessly sleep and being so exhausted you just can’t face leaving the house. I can help you feel confident you have a plan and you can start getting back to your life!

Sophie is really helping me to believe I am the best person to understand my baby and has offered ideas to help me grow in this area. If you are on the fence about using Sophie, jump off it and speak to her. You won’t regret those extra hours sleep!

AM I the right sleep coach for you?

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